About Us

A Place To Call Home


Freedom Baptist Church is truly a place to call home... 

Our church family is made up of locals  Marines and retires from all walks of life with a common goal to be "A Place To Call Home"  

Everyone longs for home and to belong while Freedom is that place. You have to understand about home its where you are the most comfortable but also where you have the most responsibility.

In a day when many groups are attempting to incorporate each new cultural trend into their idea of worship, Freedom Baptist Church has continued to emphasize the unchanging truths of the Word of God. Our primary objective is not so much to be pleasing to the culture around us as it is to be pleasing to our Saviour. Because of that objective, we have fervent Bible preaching, Christ-honoring music with a clear message,

At Freedom Baptist Church you’ll find that friendly home town church atmosphere, and a place where God still touches hearts changes lives to His glory, and a place to call home 

We would be glad to answer any questions you may have, about the church or spiritual things in general. We would be happy to have you in our services, or to come and visit you personally. Please call us if we can be of help.

How do you have HOME 

  • H Honor God 
  • O Obey His Word 
  • M Meaningful worship 
  • E Evangelize the lost  

Timeless or Trendy


Timeless or trendy? Malls are trendy. Churches should feel timeless. With the forceful current of constant change sweeping over every part of our lives, people have the need to connect with something enduring and firm. We believe Christ designed the church to fulfill that need by representing an eternal kingdom and ageless truth with no need to imitate the culture. We want you to know that there’s still a church that feels like a church. It won’t feel like a rock concert, comedy club, or motivational seminar. It’s not old-fashioned, as in 50 years ago. It is timeless, as in 2000 years ago. Freedom Baptist Church. Still Church.

What to Expect


Because God is the audience of the service when you visit, you can expect it to feel like church. You won’t mistake it for a rock concert, a theatre, a Broadway musical, positive-thinking seminar, or a political rally. It feels different than anything else throughout the week – it feels like church

You will find some old music and some new songs, but all of them will still sound like they belong to God. And God deserves quality. 

You will also find that we still believe in preaching God’s Word. It will be direct and unapologetic, but it will also be truth. Our goal is not to make you laugh or make you cry or even to help you feel good. Our goal is to help you change by understanding how God’s truth affects your daily life. 

Every service will end with an invitation to respond to the challenge from God’s Word. That such a holy God would take time to speak to us is an awesome idea and demands that He receive a response from us. The pastor or trained men and women are always available to pray with you if you need to accept Christ as your Savior or need further help from God’s Word.

Basically, it will feel like church should feel. Not too trendy. Not too traditional. In fact, we like to think it feels… timeless.